Bridgend Quakers

Our  Meeting for Worship takes place at the Friends’ Meeting House, 87 Park Street, Bridgend, CF31 4AZ

* Every Sunday at 10.45 a.m. for an hour.

* Every second Tuesday of the month at 7.00 p.m. for 45 minutes.

Our building is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilets and a hearing loop. We do not have regular provision for children at the moment but if you contact us in advance we can make such provision.


What to Expect

Each person is welcomed at the door and the Meeting starts once the first Friend is seated. In the worship time we sit in stillness and if anyone feels moved to speak, then they are free to do so and will stand to speak.

Our Meeting ends with handshakes and afterwards everyone is invited to share tea/coffee/biscuits and friendly chat.

All are welcome.


Quakers and Community

A Quaker Meeting is a community. We need to nurture our spiritual lives and our understanding of one another, to make it a loving and supportive one. We meet on another evening once a month with such spiritual nurture in mind.

We are also part of our wider community and the wider world. The things of the Spirit are inseparable from the suffering, messy inconsistencies and injustices of that world. As individuals working voluntarily or as a group we may be led to engage with these things and many of us give time to charitable work and projects for change.

Our Meeting’s local ties in the Bridgend community are seen in its engagement with Bridgend Council of Churches, Bridgend Food Bank and Bridgend Carers’ Centre. We are also a Meeting of Sanctuary and involved in support for refugees.


Friends of Monze

Friends of Monze was formally adopted as a Concern by Bridgend Meeting in 2014.   Friends of Monze  builds and equips schools in Monze district, in Southern Zambia, and has in the past 7 years built 6 schools. On a recent visit there, some Friends witnessed the severe drought in the area which is now leading to a severe shortage of food especially in the rural areas around Monze. Friends of Monze is appealing for funds to buy food for several hundred children in 3  schools for the next 8 months until the next rainy season. Friends of Monze has an appeal for funds in The Friend, and you can donate through the Friends of Monze website: