Bridgend Quakers

Our  Meeting for Worship takes place every Sunday at 10.45 for an hour.

We meet at the Friends’ Meeting House, 87 Park Street, Bridgend, CF31 4AZ.

Our building is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilets and a hearing loop. We do not have regular provision for children at the moment but if you contact us in advance we can make such provision.

What to Expect

Each person is welcomed at the door and the Meeting starts once the first Friend is seated. In the worship time we sit in stillness and if anyone feels moved to speak, then they are free to do so and will stand to speak.

Our Meeting ends with handshakes and afterwards everyone is invited to share tea/coffee/biscuits and friendly chat.

All are welcome.

Quaker Service

In the section Quakers Today it mentions that Friends often feel called to service as are followers of all faiths. Friends give of their time as they are able. Not all of us can as we might have heavy commitments elsewhere, among a variety of other reasons.

For those of us who can, here at Bridgend, we cover a range of voluntary work. This includes:

  • Anti Violence Programmes
  • Human Rights monitors – Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel
  • Bridgend Food Banks – we give regular financial support.
  • Christian Aid – regular fund-raising.
  • Support for refugees – we have organised trips to the pantomime and summer outings for refugee children with their families from the area.
  • Prison chaplaincy.
  • Help for homeless people in Bridgend – taking part in the regular breakfast runs.
  • FAN (Friends and Neighbours) group – giving lonely or isolated people a chance to meet weekly for a friendly chat.
  • Friends of Monze is a particular concern and there are more details about that below.
  • Bridgend New Economics Action Group (BNEAG) is a group of people from diverse backgrounds who share a belief in the core values of sustainability, equality, community and peace, and who seek to promote the development of an economic system which embodies those values. The BNEAG film group developed from this group and meets on a bi-monthly basis to discuss a pre-watched film. Please see our calendar entries and contact Lynne Rees at

Giving service often brings us great rewards as well as contributing to our society.

Other Related Quaker Bodies

South Wales Area Quaker Meeting (SWAM)

Bridgend Quaker Meeting is one of twelve constituent meetings of SWAM and we have taken an active part in supporting it and its work. It is the registered charity to which we belong as members, and meets nine times a year to conduct business matters and spiritual nurture.


Crynwyr Cymru Quakers in Wales (CCQW)

This is an umbrella body which is there to serve the three Area Meetings within Wales and the fourth which covers the borders or Marches. It has national responsibilities on behalf of Britain Yearly Meeting, to represent and advance the life and witness of Quakers within Wales. The meeting consists of all Friends who live in Wales or who are members in local meetings within Wales. Bridgend Friends have taken an active role in supporting it since it started in 1995.

Friends of Monze

Poverty stricken orphans and vulnerable children in the Monze district of southern Zambia suffer from low standards of educational attainment and poor nutrition leading to stunting. In-order to help address these problems, Bridgend Quakers helped set up the charity Friends of Monze in 2012 and adopted it as a Concern. Friends of Monze is now building and equipping our 8th school.

  • Education improved by equipping schools with desks, books, laptops.
  • Health improved by drilling bore holes providing clean drinking water, teaching health and sanitation; providing menstrual hygiene to keep girls in school; providing sports equipment.
  • Nutrition improved by establishing school permaculture gardens, teaching the community sustainable agriculture and growing food for the children
  • We have worked with our trusted partners Zambian Women and Girls Foundation for 8 years.


For more information and to donate please see website:-


Lushomo School and permaculture garden, Monze, Zambia