Bridgend Quaker Meeting House is now closed for all meetings until further notice because of the Covid-19 virus epidemic.

For further information, please contact the Clerk, Pete Thompson on 01656 648817.

Bridgend Quakers say, "Black Lives Matter", "Bod Bywydau Duon o Bwys".


Crynwyr Pen-y-bont

Welcome to Bridgend Quakers

Learn more about Quakerism, or come to a Quaker meeting.

Quakerism at a Glance

We are ordinary people living ordinary lives, trying to live our faith seven days a week.

We believe we’re all equal.

We wear ordinary clothes to our Meetings.

We warmly welcome new people!

We worship mainly in silence - but we stand up to speak briefly when we are driven by the Spirit. On occasions, we draw upon the arts – poetry and music – alongside silent worship.

We like to be practical and engage in numerous projects to promote peace and caring at home and abroad.

How to Find Us

Bridgend Quakers
87 Park Street
CF31 4AZ


We meet at the following times:

Sundays at 10.45am
Second Tuesday of each month at 7pm

Everyone welcome, old friends and new!

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