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A Light that is Shining, by Harvey Gillman: an introduction to Quakers

The Friendly Guide to Quakerism, by the Youth Committee of Ireland Yearly Meeting. This has an Irish dimension to it but it is also a useful, colourful, short introduction to lots of aspects of Quakerism.

Yours in Friendship, an Open Letter to Enquirers, by Richard Allen: intended to introduce new attenders to Quakerism.

Pictorial Guide to the Quaker Tapestry, by EH Milligan: Quaker spiritual insights, testimonies and history are in the commentary alongside colourful pictures of the embroidered panels .

           The series Twelve Quakers and . . .  Shows

          Quaker thinking (and its variety) on subjects such

          as God, Jesus, worship, pacifism, simplicity, evil.


         Portrait in Grey, by John Punshon: a good

         Introductory history of  Quakerism.

Histories and Introductions by Ben Pink Dandelion (see under Dandelion) are more up-to-date than Portrait in Grey, and good for those who also want to know about the sociology, diversity and change in modern Quakerism, but they are more ‘academic’ and not necessarily light reading.  

  Quaker Faith and Practice (the red book) is an anthology of quotations which is reviewed and changed once per generation. It contains material from the beginnings of Quakerism to the late 20th century. We can use it to discover what some Quakers have thought over the centuries about a wide range of issues. Look at the index in the back to find a topic.

   George Gorman, The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship, 1993

                    Happy reading …

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